Friday, July 16, 2004

Stopping XP from treating ZIP files like directories.

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4) Zipfiles Slow Down Searching

Reader Chris Altwegg encountered a problem, found a good answer, documented what he found, and then generously took the time to write it all up--- solely to save the rest of us from having to duplicate his efforts!

Fred: Problem--- Using Windows XP "search" function for a file would run through every ZIP file I had on this machine. And with almost 60 Gigs of neatly arranged ZIP files, this would mean looking for a simple lost file would take an hour or more. But how to prevent the search function from searching in ZIP files? Program has no setting to included or not include ZIP files.
Answer--- Google took me to, where Jammy had this to say
you need to disable ZIP integration within XP. Then use Winzip or Winrar as your Zip program...
disable Zip integration by going to Start > Run
then type in the following
regsvr32 /u %windir%\system32\zipfldr.dll

then reboot your computer. Zip integration still comes back to haunt XP for me sometimes, just run the "Regsvr.." command above, and it will de-integrate ZIP.

I too hate it looking within Zip files - especially when you have loads throughout the computer.

I took his advice, gave it a try, and it worked perfectly! (I would suggest running WinZip after rebooting and before using Search. The program might complain that ZIP files aren't associated with WinZip and ask if you want to register WinZip as the application of choice. Say yes and watch those ZIP file fly back in Search mode.
Great column. Happy subscriber, Chris
Thanks, Chris!