Sunday, August 14, 2005

NOM cam is down

NOM cam is down pending new wisconsware and perhaps something to look at that is more interesting.

Cleaned the garage

Actually got most of a stall empty and can get to my workbench and tools.
Might even have room for a car come this winter.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Turn of Firefox autosearch for URLs/Keywords

in the address line...
you can turn it off in the


by setting
keyword.enabled to FALSE by double clicking on it.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Sychronize Redhat Linux time to the internet

This article.

Hi everyone,

These are my steps that I have been doing to get my Red Hat Linux system clock updated in the crontab with one of the time server using rdate.

What is rdate?

man rdate to read more
rdate connects to an RFC 868 time server over a TCP/IP network, printing the returned time and/or setting the system clock using port 37.

You can check out the time servers used by the NIST Internet Time Service (ITS) at:
I will be using time server as an example in this thread and you are free to use any time server you preferred

If you have firewall installed, please set to allow port 37 TCP connection.

Step 1: login to your server via SSH and gain root access.

Step 2: check whether rdate is installed:

rpm -qa | grep rdate

If it is not install, kindly please install rdate before continue.

Step 3: add the following in your /etc/crontab file:
# synchronize system time on every 6AM daily with time server
00 6 * * * root rdate -s

You can do this by cut and paste the following command:
cat >> /etc/crontab << "EOF"
# synchronize system time on every 6AM daily with time server
00 6 * * * root rdate -s && /sbin/hwclock --systohc

If you want to update your system & hardware time now, issue the following command in SSH:
rdate -s

/sbin/hwclock --systohc

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Always on Top

Pushpin is freeware that appears to work pretty good at keeping windows on top. Handy for use with the birdcam (try the Show TV).
Found it at
GhostIt is also kindof cool but only works on XP or 2000.

Some video capture cards

This article talks about Videum AV by Winnov and the Osprey 100 by Viewcast.
They talk about cards between $150-200 and resolutions of 640x480.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

New... A crosslink to my other BLOG

Added a crosslink to my other blog in the title section above.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Javascript webcam updater info

This javascript webcam updater may have been used by and

a page about webcam setup

look at the source for this

Some 3-D demos for Delphi

this one demonstrates controling a 3-d picture in 3 ways....

the bottom one looks interesting as you grab and drag it...

here is the delphi source

it also has explanations of different ways to rotate.

one of which is elevation and azmuth and it refers to the previous link i sent

"This technique is illustrated at Earl F. Glynn's 3D Lab. I also use this technique for my MRIcro software."

this dude has his own free viewing software also..called MRIcro
here to look at brains.

i might download and see if he has sample brains... :-)



Turn off colors in Linux vi editor

to turn off colors in vi type

:syntax off

to turn them back on (they will automatically turn on the next time you enter vi)
:syntax enable

to get help on colors in vi

:help usr_06.txt

if you get into vi and type :version

there should be a directory with a "system vimrc" file in it

something like /usr/share/vim/vim61/macros/vimrc

if you edit it as root, then find the lines that say something like if &t_Co >2 etc
and syntax on and set hlsearch

it is an if statement.

just put a double quotes " at the beginning of each line of that if statement
to the end if

and save :w and quit :q

now vi should be in good old black & white.

you could have also made a personal .vimrc file with some such crap in it but that would be hard.

by the way, now the default is b&w you can enable the colors temporarily with :syntax enable



How to hook up USB to Linux and FLASH drive

WebAlbum program

get it here.... used by such fun sites as and

Fixing the Windows XP search to look inside files

I "fixed" my Windows-Explorer-Search on all file types by following the Method 2 instructions from the MS web site. I did not run the attached registry file nor did i look at the attached pcx files. (actually i did look at them. they had nothing to do with anything).


Stopping XP from treating ZIP files like directories.

From my archives:


4) Zipfiles Slow Down Searching

Reader Chris Altwegg encountered a problem, found a good answer, documented what he found, and then generously took the time to write it all up--- solely to save the rest of us from having to duplicate his efforts!

Fred: Problem--- Using Windows XP "search" function for a file would run through every ZIP file I had on this machine. And with almost 60 Gigs of neatly arranged ZIP files, this would mean looking for a simple lost file would take an hour or more. But how to prevent the search function from searching in ZIP files? Program has no setting to included or not include ZIP files.
Answer--- Google took me to, where Jammy had this to say
you need to disable ZIP integration within XP. Then use Winzip or Winrar as your Zip program...
disable Zip integration by going to Start > Run
then type in the following
regsvr32 /u %windir%\system32\zipfldr.dll

then reboot your computer. Zip integration still comes back to haunt XP for me sometimes, just run the "Regsvr.." command above, and it will de-integrate ZIP.

I too hate it looking within Zip files - especially when you have loads throughout the computer.

I took his advice, gave it a try, and it worked perfectly! (I would suggest running WinZip after rebooting and before using Search. The program might complain that ZIP files aren't associated with WinZip and ask if you want to register WinZip as the application of choice. Say yes and watch those ZIP file fly back in Search mode.
Great column. Happy subscriber, Chris
Thanks, Chris!

Welcome to the NOM Tech blog.

Hope this to be the place to archive the good stuff about computers and tech info.